Salutations, wary traveler! Welcome to the Gnome Gnation, I do hope you enjoy your stay! My name is Gnomedic (that’s gnome + medic): writer, geek, gamer, medic extraordinaire!  Life can be pretty busy for this gnome, especially while juggling crazy work hours on the ambulance, going to school full time, and volunteering for charity.  When I’m not working as a real-life healer you’ll find me playing one in games like Overwatch, World of Warcraft, and Dungeons & Dragons!

Whether I’m working on a new cosplay, writing short stories, spending hours upon hours preparing a new D&D campaign, writing/recording a podcast with Hexes & Bows, or just relaxing with a few rounds of Overwatch, there isn’t a moon that goes by when I’m not playing some game or another!  It’s truly my passion.

I love gaming and I love sharing game experiences with my friends and family (I’ve even roped Mrs. Gnome into playing D&D!).  Games allow people to break out of their world and step into an entirely new one.  That’s something that’s always appealed to me with games, be them video or tabletop.  One day you can be the hero, donning a white lab coat and curing destructive communicable diseases with a team like in the board game Pandemic; or, the next day you could be dressed in your finest crushed velvet dress planting paranoia in the minds of politicians you’re trying to consume like in Vampire the Masquerade.  Games let us all be anyone and anything, travel anywhere or anywhen, and have adventures unobtainable in the real world.

Speaking of the real world, games are starting to play an important part in the way we learn and interact with one another.  Students are learning math, literature, and science from games like Minecraft!  Not only that, but with a growing emphasis on professional gaming, we’re seeing a prodigious rise in the validity of eSports competitions.  When I’m not playing games I’m usually watching them on Twitch and YouTube like millions of other people.  Local game shops/cafes/bangs offer phenomenal places for gamers of all ages and types to socialize, practice, and compete in eSports tournaments, along with providing a fun environment to watch the top professional teams duke it out on a world stage.

And that’s where this Gnome comes into play.  I’m here to analyze, demonstrate, and report on the effects of gaming on our culture and society by blogging about upcoming and past eSports competitions, publishing updated information regarding health effects of gaming, and voicing an opinion about gaming that even parents may understand!

Even if you’re not a gamer, you’re bound to know one.  Your child, your friend, even your parent may be an avid gamer.  I wholeheartedly believe there’s a game out there for everyone: be it mahjong, solitaire, Risk, or Call of Duty.  Take a little time to understand the exciting and creative world of gaming, you might actually enjoy it!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Drop a comment with your fave game so I can get to gnome you better!