Thousands of gamers are currently in the middle of the 24-hour marathons with hopes of raising money for sick and injured kids are various Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals in the USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico!

The main Extra Life Twitch channel is featuring a slew of different gamers during their streams along with Doc, Liza, and Mike with additional guests playing their hearts out! As of 6pm MST, Extra Life gamers have raised over $6,000,000$1 Million of that amount is just in today’s donations alone!

Here is a list of some great 24 hour marathons going on right now! Give them a follow over on twitch and cheer them on through the wee hours of the night!

There is still plenty of time to donate!  I’ll be hosting a 24 hour marathon on December 2nd on on a quest to raise $1000 for Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago!  Audience members can participate and play games with me and friends for the majority of the marathon and have a chance to win prizes! There will also be a 5 hour long Dungeons & Dragons game where YOU can influence the story!

Be a hero and a difference in children’s lives today by donating to Extra Life here!  100% of contributions go towards helping sick and injured kids through CMNH!

To everyone that is participating on the national game day today, best of luck! You are all amazing!

Update: As of 10am CST, Extra Life gamers have raised $6,653,220!!! Way to go, everyone! It’s time to get some sleep! You did great!