Let me start this brief introductory blog off with: I AM NOT A CHEF.  Sure, I can whip up a hearty stew in a crocpot or fire up the charcoals and flip a couple of burgers, but besides pressing the “POPCORN” button on the microwave, I’m no chef.

Which is exactly why I’ll be employing the natural talents of my wife, Mrs. Gnome, for this epic quest line involving the World of Warcraft: The Official Cookbook, by Chelsea Monroe-Cassel.

The Book, The Plan, The Gnomes

Image by Blizzard

The WoW cookbook brings to life the flavors from, arguably, the greatest MMO of all time.  From Dirge’s Kickin’ Chimaerok Chops to Pandaren Plum Wine, this book offers a colorful and seemingly easy way to cook some of the game’s most memorable recipes at home!

Naturally, Mrs. Gnome and I will be embarking on a quest to make every single recipe from the book! I mean, I’ve got the Chef achievement in the game, and, while it took some hard work, it can’t be that hard in real life, right?  (Insert montage of me blowing up the kitchen, frizzed hair and missing eyebrows of course).  And hey! Since we’re the Gnomes, the only thing I can do is go big (or go gnome!).

For our Thanksgiving/Friendsgiving Dungeones & Dragons session, we’ll be making an entire feast for wary adventurers!  Complete with Slow Roasted TurkeyWild Rice Cakes, Sauteed Carrots, Spice Bread Stuffing, Cranberry Chutney, and of course, Hot Apple Cider.  Sure, these recipes sound pretty typical, but most require traveling to all corners of Azeroth just to obtain the most perfect blends of Northern Spices and Holiday Spices.

We’ll be vlogging the cooking experience as well as posting pictures here of the process, so be sure to stick around!  Mrs. Gnome and I will also be trying out other recipes.  How could I NOT make Mulgore Spiced Bread and Conjured Mana Strudel?! I play a mage! I should be able to conjure up a batch of fresh, hot Conjured Mana Buns in no time!

You can pick up the official WoW cookbook from Amazon!  Be sure to follow the blog for the latest updates on our quest! Our Friendsgiving/D&D adventuring feast is happening on Sunday, November 27th! You can watch us eat and play live on Twitch!

Dragonbreath Chili from the cookbook! Image by Blizzard

*Featured image of Conjured Mana Strudel by Blizzard