Reader, I did it. I did what I wasn’t supposed to do, or rather, what I was trying to not do again.  The addiction is real.  The desire for achievement is high.  The money was there.

I resubscribed to World of Warcraft.

I KNOW.  I know.  I’m a terrible person!  Between work, school, volunteering, and writing projects I’m not sure there’s really any time left to devote to such a delicious game… But I’m starving.

World of Warcraft is one of those games you don’t just join and play; it’s a lifestyle.  It takes time to be good, it’s take training to be better, and it takes forever to get that stupid Ashes of Al’ar mount (seriously, it still hasn’t dropped for me!).

Now, I fully understand that some of you won’t bother reading this and hey, that’s perfectly okay!  You either don’t play WoW or got out of it really early on.  No sweat!  Thank you for stopping by and I’ll see you in the next article; this one’s for the long-term WoW players out there.

The struggle is a 16 hour long waiting game in a game

440096The struggle was indeed as real as it got for those that attended #CampPoundfist.  Remember when Warlords of Draenor dropped and a new, giant mount was spawning once every 96 hours or so?  Remember when there were google docs and reddit threads and twitter feeds blowing up with information on which servers finally got a spawn for that super-awesome-giant mount?  Remember the horror stories of people waiting all 96 hours for weeks and then some jerkwad kills Poundfist in one fell swoop without giving the dozens of people waiting the opportunity to loot the body?

Yes.  That was real.  It was a real memory I got to share with at least 70+ other people, hell, I’d argue there were over 100 players!  Statistically speaking, we were on one of the last servers that had yet to spawn Poundfist, so the chances that he would arrive in the next 24 hours were extremely high.  I found a raiding party that was anchored to the Moon Guard server and set up camp on one of four or five possible spawning locations.

There really isn’t much to do when you’re waiting for RNGesus to look favorably upon you, so I started talking with some folks in the raid (if you’re still reading and don’t play WoW, I commend you, champion! A raid consists of 40 players in a group).  There were at least 3-4 other raid groups around, both Horde and Alliance.  New friendships were forged that day, along with dozens and dozens of naked dance parties (it’s a thing).

People were passing time dueling one another, trolling opposing faction members that were flagged for PVP, or just doing otherwise ridiculous things within the game.

10689731_689707461144838_4857761197110443174_nA Change in Leadership

At around hour 10, the leader of our raid had to go, it was just too late for him (had to be about 2am at this point), so I volunteered to take over.  Not only did I take over our raid in regards to organizing who was at what spawn point, but I eventually started communicating with the Horde side so that we could all work together instead of working against each other.

After another two hours of trying to coordinate about four very full raiding groups, we finally had a decent strategy set.  Everyone was naked.  You had to be!  160 people shooting fireballs at a single elite creature would take less than a second and not everyone would be able to tap the creature for the loot.  My goal, my determination that night, was to ensure that the majority of players were able to get this mount.

In order to buy time for players in the different spawn locations to make it in time to the correct spot that Poundfist spawned in, I had all of the druids scattered throughout the spawn points ready to chain-sleep the monster.  On top of everyone being naked, the other raid leaders and I bounced between each spawn point to ensure everyone was naked (at their weakest form): no armor, no buffs, no weapons.  Players need only to punch the creature once and back away.

Mind you, it’s been almost 15 hours at this point planning, coordinating, and goofing off with the other campers.  I’d already been awake from the shift the night before, so I was going on 40+ hours of no sleep.  It’s early in the morning, the sun is already starting to rise and I’m growing wary, but am statistically aware that the chances of a Poundfist spawn would be soon.

At hour 16, the trusted raid scouts sound the alarm.  The chat starts going wild.  Our battle plan begins.

Players are mounting up, afraid they won’t make it to the spawn point in time.  Even I was worried that too many people would just give a big middle finger to the plans and Poundfist would be killed before I could make it there.

I was at the farthest point, the other raid leaders were calling on everyone to punch once and flee while the druids were casting sleep on the giant.

You could see dozens of people running, sprinting, porting, and “flying,” towards the spawn location.

10885036_690207781094806_7641215271443587593_nFinally, I made it.  Punched once, backed off.

I was shaking with excitement (and exhaustion).  It was difficult to keep typing orders in the chat.  I got mine, now I wanted to ensure people got theirs!  Keep the orders, keep the sleeps up, keep trying to get everyone here as fast as possible.

The Aftermath at Camp Poundfist

The battle lasted barely 2 minutes.  In the end, roughly 65% of the people in the raids got their Poundfist mount.  All you could see were dozens of characters, naked, riding Poundfist (it was as amazing as that terrible sentence of “that’s what she said” sounds).  It was beautiful.  So beautiful I forgot to screenshot the moment!

I’ll never forget that moment.  It was sheer bliss and I was left with a sense of accomplishment.  So many people’s quest for the Poundfist mount was over.  They no longer had to suffer through #CampPoundfist again, but I know they had as much fun as I did.

It’s stories and experiences like this that keep me coming back to WoW.  Sure, I haven’t played in a few months (since Tanaan Jungle dropped), but Legion is as promising as it is beautiful.  This may be the most thrilling expansion yet and I look forward to spending another 16 hours trying to obtain a rare mount!

Did you get your Sunhide Gronnling mount?  What’s your favorite World of Warcraft memory? Comment below!


*Screenshots of Blizzard’s World of Warcraft