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The More You Gnome is a site dedicated to the exploration, review, and analysis of games and their effects on the people that play them.  You’ll find articles regarding personal experiences with both tabletop and video games, my journey into eSports news and coverage, and in-depth reviews on games both new and old.

Gaming is what I know, it’s what I do.  I’ve been playing games since before I could read and haven’t once stopped.  Is it an addiction? Heck no! But it’s certainly a lifelong passion and it brings me joy to share this exciting, creative world with you.

When I’m not struggling to level up in World of Warcraft or spending hours prepping for the next chapter of my Dungeons & Dragons campaign, I’m working full-time on an ambulance as a paramedic, attending school online at Arizona State University, and volunteering for Extra Life charity (you play games to help kids!).  Life can be exciting, especially in my line of work, but there’s always been something missing (mainly dragons), and that’s where gaming steps in.

Like you, gaming means something to me.  It’s certainly difficult to try and engage parents, teachers, or even other friends whom are non-gamers about the world/s we love.  Hours upon hours of our lives are spent enjoying a misunderstood art form.  This blog aims to validate and legitimize our hobby, our passion, and our love for gaming by showcasing positive and analytical examples of their ability to elevate the mind and spirit (and in some cases, even the body! I’m looking at you, DDR!).

Currently, I am scouting the market for creative internship opportunities in writing, content creation, web publishing, digital media marketing, public relations, journalism, reporting, and more! Please contact me below if you’re seeking an ideal candidate with tremendous team spirit, prodigious work ethic, and an ability to work under the most dire life or death situations (hey, all those year on an ambulance or healing a 40-man raid in WoW account for something, right?)!

Thank you for taking the time to stop by! Be sure to follow me over on Twitter to keep in touch, or catch me live on Twitch playing all kinds of games from Minecraft to D&D!  If you can’t stop by a live stream, you can always catch up on YouTube. Not to mention the podcast over at Hexes & Bows launching this February!

Until next time, friends! Go Gnome, or go home! 😀



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